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The Patients’ Behbud Society for Aga Khan University Hospital (PBS) is an independent, charitable society responsible for collecting and disbursing zakat, in order to help mustehiq patients receive high quality medical treatment at the Aga Khan University Hospital (AKUH), its clinics and medical centres.

Since inception in 2001, PBS has successfully provided financial support worth Rs 968 million to over 30,000 mustehiq patients. We assist the most underprivileged members of society, without any discrimination or compromise in the quality of care.  Our humanitarian efforts are supported by generous donors such as yourselves, as well as a PBS Committee of well-respected and prominent citizens. 

Our donors include:

  • Individuals and philanthropists
  • Corporations and businesses
  • Faculty and medical community
  • Students and their families
  • Staff members
  • Volunteers

As a legal entity, we adhere to a meticulous process of identifying the most deserving patients who are eligible for zakat on a shariah compliant basis, with publically available, regularly audited account details. Your zakat donations are used for the sole treatment of the patients, with no amount allocated to administrative expenses. 

At PBS, we provide the most transparent means of disbursement of your zakat donations, ensuring you fulfill your religious obligations in the highest manner. We received Shariah Certification in 2016, which is an independent validation of the transparency of our processes. In 2016 alone, PBS has disbursed over Rs 148 million to support over 3,000 patient visits. Men, women and children were provided primary, secondary and tertiary healthcare. PBS liaises with areas of specialty such as paediatrics, oncology, neurology and cardiology to ensure that the Hospital’s cutting edge research and technology is accessible to the most vulnerable patients, particularly against life-threatening illnesses.

Help us, help them!


The Patients' Behbud Society for AKUH
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