Success Stories

Courage from the heart

"Come to the Aga Khan University Hospital and have a check up done. The excellent facilities here are available to everyone." Sadaf Ahmed.

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The chain of kindness

“If a patient with a heart problem boards my rickshaw, I refer them to Aga Khan University Hospital”

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Where there is life, there is hope

“God and the medical staff of the AKU have granted me a second chance at life,” says Shaukat Qasim Agaria.

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You never walk alone

Yasmeen Haider Baloch was diagnosed with hepatitis C by a local doctor in her native town of Malir. At the end of a six-month course of treatment, her symptoms such as mouth ulcers and stomach and backaches continued unabated. Yasmeen had not been cured.

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Light upon light

“It is not the eyes that are blind, but the hearts…” (The Quran 22:46)

Seven-year-old Taha Ahmed is of a delicate build. When he smiles, his eyes light up. Taha hails from the Golden Town Area of Karachi. From birth, his little life had been darkened by heart problems that had left him with frightening symptoms, including shortened breath, wheezing and chest pains.

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Mind over matter

His glinting eyes and mischievous smile are extraordinary. This is because ten-year-old Samir Ahmed has just survived a terrifying ordeal: hydrocephalus or fluid buildup in the brain.

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A stone's throw

In 2007, five-year old Asad Javed was playing with his friends, when a brutal act of unkindness changed the course of his life: another young boy hurled a stone at him. The stone hit Asad's right eye and he lost vision in this eye.

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