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​Every hour, 12 Pakistanis lose their life to heart attacks. The global epidemic of cardiovascular disease is increasing and shifting from developed to developing countries. Two third of cardiovascular mortalities are occurring in developing countries such as Pakistan. 

The cost of medical treatment for cardiac illnesses and disorders is beyond the means of many patients. The economic, social, and emotional impact of this illness on a patient and their family can also be devastating.

The Aga Khan University Hospital’s (AKUH) Patient Welfare Programme and The Patients’ Behbud Society (PBS) offer financial assistance, through Sadaqat and Zakat donations, to patients who are otherwise not able to access quality and internationally recognised standards of care. Poverty can increase the risk of heart disease by creating additional pressure to work, domestic disputes and unhealthy lifestyles. One in four of our cardiology patients is unable to afford their treatment and must receive support from our welfare programmes. With your generosity, you can help a heart patient who needs financial assistance by donating your Zakat and Sadqa to our cardiology fund.

Please click to contribute to the Sadaqat and Zakat fund for cardiology.

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