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Vision and Mission Statement

​​The Patients' Behbud Society for AKUH

The Patients’ Behbud Society (PBS) for The Aga Khan University Hospital (AKUH) is an independent, charitable society responsible for disbursing 100% of Zakat donations collected. This Zakat is used to help Mustahiq patients access high-quality medical treatment at The Aga Khan University Hospital (AKUH), its Secondary Hospitals, and at AKUH’s Outreach Health Network. 

The society was established in 2001 and the constitution and by-laws were developed with the help of specialists with a deep knowledge of legal and Shariah compliance. In November 2016, PBS received Shariah Certification, based on an extensive review of its processes and documents by two highly respected scholars, Mufti Ibrahim Essa, and Mufti Ahmad Afnan. PBS also received PCP certification in 2009. Both these accreditations provide benefactors with the utmost confidence that their Sadaqat and Zakat donations are supporting indigent patients most in need.

​Vision of the Society:

“To continue to mobilize resources as much as possible to meet the on-going needs of mustehiq and indigent patients at the Aga Khan University Hospital."

​Mission of the Society:

The Society shall be a charitable institution for facilitating health care to indigent patients wishing to receive treatment at the Aga Khan University Hospital, clinics and medical centers under its management and supervision, primarily through available zakat funds.

For achieving its objectives, the following shall be the functions of the Society:

1. To help, assist, support and provide financial assistance to:

a) “Mustahiqeen" from zakat funds in accordance with the injunctions of the Shariah;

b) Other indigent and deserving persons from donations, contributions, grants and other funds;

2. To meet required medical treatment solely at the AKUH, clinics and medical centers under its management and supervision;

3. To assist indigent patients to get rehabilitated and to help the families to understand the nature of illness through counseling;

4. To develop a referral system with non-government organizations, local government and government agencies for rehabilitation of patients;

5. To manage, collect, receive, accept and disburse:

a) Zakat funds in accordance with the injunctions of the Shariah;

b) Donations, grants, contributions and assistance, in cash and or in kind, from any person, institution, undertaking, organization or Federal, Provincial or local government, for all or any of the objects of the Society in such manner and in such form as the Society may from time to time in its discretion deems fit.   

6. To engage in such activities and carry out all such objectives and functions as may be deemed conducive or incidental to the attainment of any of the objectives mentioned above.