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​​​​​​​​President's M​essage​


It is a privilege and honour to serve as the President of the Patients' Behbud Society (PBS) for AKUH. I have served as a member of the Executive Committee ever since its inception in 2002, and our aim has been to provide a shariah compliant method of attracting zakat funds for mustehiq patients at the University Hospital. PBS has been successful in raising over Rs 200 million in 2016. At the same time, we have ensured that our processes and documentation are  compliant with best practices - we have received shariah certification from two shariah scholars, are a compliant member of the Pakistan Centre of Philanthropy, and are audited annually by a firm of chartered accountants.
Having been the CEO of the Aga Khan University Hospital for 14 years, I can assure you that we treat the sickest of patients. The AKUH, a tertiary care hospital, attracts patients from all walks of life and ensures that its doors are open to all.  No one is denied care because of inability to pay. It becomes a double obligation as a member of The Patients' Behbud Society to continue to raise funds, so that more and more patients can be treated.

We are mere “trustees” in this transaction—the real winners are the mustehiq patients and YOU, the givers who benefit by the giving. Our vision for PBS is to make it a society of zakat well-wishers who are joined together in this farz. To me, this investment  of zakat has no equivalent rewards in any other earthly investment. We aim to raise Rs 1 billion for this cause by 2020, inshallah. And our hope is that you will continue to open your hearts and make the hospitalizations of more mustehiq patients possible at AKUH.

Jazak Allah Khair.

Nadeem Mustafa Khan
President, Patients' Behbud Society for AKUH