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Spreading smiles on Eid


This Eid was a special one for the children at the Aga Khan University Hospital. Physicians, nurses and their families joined hands to distribute teddy bears to the children in the Paediatric ward.

Many of the children in the Paediatric ward suffer from complex illnesses and need specialised care available at the Hospital. On Eid morning they were pleasantly surprised to receive a visit from their care-giver and a colourful, soft and cuddly teddy bear! Their faces lit up with a smile and many of them reached out to receive the bears and hug them.

The distribution of bears on Eid was a part of the Teddy Bear Campaign launched by the Aga Khan University Hospital during Ramadan to brighten the holy month for children. The Gift a Bear, Show You Care campaign supports the University Hospital’s Paediatric Welfare fund.

"The children are gifted a bear to celebrate their recovery and discharge from hospital. The donations to this campaign help us to provide quality care for children whose families cannot afford their medical treatment." said Dr Salman Kirmani, Chair, Department of Paediatrics & Child Health and Associate Professor, Department of Paediatrics & Medicine.

"I love my teddy bear. I will take it home and play with it. I love Aga Khan Hospital." said Huma*, who beamed as she was handed a pink and white bear.

Receiving the bears and seeing the look of joy on their children's faces, helped relieve the anxiety of the hospital stay for many parents.

"Thank you Aga Khan Hospital for giving us this gift. It is very encouraging for young patients who have suffered the ordeal of illness. My son was very happy and excited to receive the bear," said the father of a young patient from Afghanistan.

This year over 1,300 children have already been supported by the Hospital's Patient Welfare Programme. During 2016, over 2,700 children who needed cardiac surgery, neurosurgery, orthopaedic, haematology, gastroenterology and other types of specialised care, were provided support for their medical treatment. The compassion and expertise of the Hospital's medical team has enhanced the children's lives, while simultaneously, the welfare assistance has reduced their family's financial burdens.

For further details about the Teddy Bear Campaign, call 021-3486-2918 or 0300-0207983 or visit

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Your support can make a child's stay at the Aga Khan University Hospital a special one!   

*Name changed to protect the patient's identity