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Zakat at AKUH Phlebotomy Centres


​​​​Lab tests play a critical role in the early diagnosis of diseases and form the basis of treatment decisions doctors take. The Aga Khan University Hospital has a vast network of over 290 lab collection units across Pakistan. More than 230 of these collection points offer up to 40% welfare for patients who need support to afford the testing they need for their diagnosis and treatment. 

To offer support to even more patients, the Patient Behbud Society (PBS) for AKUH has also launched a Zakat programme in 2021 that offers a further 20% reduction on testing costs for Zakat Mustahiq patients currently offered at 13 selected AKUH labs. 

On Thursday, 4th August 2022, another location, the Al-Sehat lab located near Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre (JPMC), Karachi was added to the list of Zakat locations. This lab collection point is one of the busiest within the network. The majority of these patients are referred to AKUH for a diagnosis by doctors at JPMC and will now have access to Zakat and Sadaqat donations for their testing and treatment if needed. 

AKUH and PBS for AKUH have worked diligently to ensure that the Al-Sehat lab is accessible to all regardless of their financial background. The executive committee members who helped make the inauguration of the lab possible include S.M. Pervez, Nadeem M. Khan, Abdul Qadir Memon, Zafar Sobani, Zulfiqar Paracha, Mohammad Shoaib, Raheel Qamar, Ebrahim Sidat and Anwar Rammal.

With your continued generosity, AKUH and PBS for AKUH strive to expand the Zakat and Sadaqat programme to other labs like Al-Sehat, located in low-income localities. This will allow Mustahiq patients to access gold standard testing with reliable results.​ 

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