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Patient Stories

A New Lease on Life: Faisal's Story

​​Behind his smile, Muhammad Faisal, a 35-year-old resident of Orangi would seem like an ordinary man, made of ordinary life experiences age. He is a father of five children and the only child of his parents. His smile hides the arduous journey he endured, not so long ago. Three years ago, Faisal was working as a warehouse clerk at a garments factory. He earned whatever he could; life was tough and difficult but stable. That all changed one day when he come to know about an ulcer on his tongue.

Like most, he did not make much of it, thinking it was a nuisance, at most. However, when the ulcer would not go away, Faisal had it checked by a few doctors. They diagnosed it as a symptom of digestive complications, but the medicines they prescribed were ineffective and the ulcer kept growing. Faisal started to worry it was something serious.

Friends and family advised him to visit The Aga Khan University Hospital (AKUH). Faisal then came to AKUH, and during his investigations, was given the most shocking news: that he had cancer and it had spread to his entire tongue.

Faisal knew that cancer treatment is long and expensive. He was extremely worried about how he, a warehouse clerk, would be able to afford the treatment. “I gave up hope at that time," he said. However, Faisal got a glimmer of hope when the doctors at AKUH told him about the hospital's patient welfare programme and The Patients' Behbud Society for the Aga Khan University Hospital (PBS for AKUH).

Faisal reached out to PBS and was provided financial support to cover the cost of his healthcare. Now all Faisal needed to do was focus on getting better; PBS for AKUH was taking care of the rest. With much skill and determination, the clinical team comprising of doctors, nurses and other medical staff began Faisal's treatment. The doctors not only surgically removed the cancer, but also reconstructed part of his tongue.

Faisal's recovery from that point onwards was smooth. Today, he is cured of cancer and back at work. He is extremely grateful to PBS for AKUH for providing support and hope when he was at his lowest. Thanks to PBS for AKUH, Faisal not only got his health back, but also a renewed appreciation of the beauty of life. 

“I feel grateful to my Creator and The Aga Khan University Hospital. The biggest help has been from PBS for AKUH; I profusely thank the generous donors."

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