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Patient Stories

Conjoined Twins Separated at AKUH

​​In December 2020, a team of surgeons, nurses and support staff at the Aga Khan University Hospital, Karachi successfully separated conjoined twins—for the second time in AKUH’s history. The twins, Muhammad Ayan and Muhammad Aman were joined at the abdomen and shared internal organs. The extraordinarily complex eight-hour operation was conducted by a multi-disciplinary team of more than 50 clinical and administrative staff.

“We were on the verge of despair,” said Israr Ahmed, father of the nine-month-old twins. “Then one night I had a dream that Ayan and Aman were separate. That dream gave me hope.” Still, AKUH seemed out of reach. “We were convinced that this hospital is only for the rich and can never be a possibility for us. But my Allah made AKUH the saviour of my children. The doctors told us not to worry about the expenses, as they would be taken care of by the Zakat and Patient Welfare Programme.”

The Aga Khan University Hospital aims to provide world-class care to everyone who seeks treatment here, regardless of their financial background. Your support will help us give children like Muhammad Ayan and Muhammad Aman a chance at a normal, healthy life. Their surgery was only possible through Zakat and donations to the Patients’ Behbud Society.

Since 2001, the Patients’ Behbud Society (PBS) of the Aga Khan University Hospital – an independent registered charity – has been responsible for collecting and disbursing Zakat donations for the Hospital. It is Shariah compliant and has been certified by the Pakistan Centre for Philanthropy. Donating your Zakat to AKUH ensures that Mustehiq patients receive world-class care from the best physicians and nurses. All Zakat donations go towards patient care, with ZERO amount used for administrative or other expenses.

PBS collects Zakat and Sadqa from individuals, companies, trusts and foundations in Pakistan and from abroad, and deposits the funds in Shariah compliant Islamic bank accounts. The money collected is utilised only for the treatment of Zakat Mustahiq patients at AKUH.

Since inception, PBS has provided financial support to thousands of Mustehiq patients, who are from amongst the most underprivileged members of society, without any discrimination or compromise in their quality of care. A meticulous financial need assessment process is followed to identify the most deserving patients who are eligible as Mustehiq for Zakat. Men, women and children are provided pr​imary, secondary and tertiary healthcare. PBS ensures that the Hospital’s cutting-edge research and technology is accessible to the most vulnerable patients, particularly against life-threatening illnesses.

“We are so grateful to AKUH, because now Ayan and Aman are living healthy and happy lives. We cannot thank the hospital, its staff and PBS enough for giving us hope and giving us the opportunity to tell our story, so that those who think that AKUH is for the rich, can also come here to get treated.” said, Muhammad Israr.

Just like, Muhammad Ayan and Muhammad Aman, there are many more, who suffer and cannot bear the burden of healthcare related costs. At AKUH, we are committed to providing quality care regardless of patients’ financial status.

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