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Patient Stories

My journey: from the stretcher to walking on my feet

​​​​​“My name is Faisal, I worked in a garment factory for a monthly salary of Rs. 15,000. I was supporting my mother and three brothers. One day, I developed severe abdominal pain, which went on increasing day by day, until I could no longer work. The factory doctor examined me, and then gave me some of the worst news I have ever had – I had intestinal cancer. My world went bleak. The cost of treatment was beyond my wildest imagination, and I remembered thinking, ‘where will I find this much money?’

The kind doctor suggested that I approach the Patients’ Behbud Society for AKUH. But I was in daze. I didn’t mention anything to my mother, just went back to work. The pain went on increasing. I lost my job, and ultimately my brother took me to the Aga Khan University Hospital on a stretcher. He approached the Patients’ Behbud society for AKUH. They took over. I was operated on and given chemotherapy and the highest level of healthcare.

Today, I walked out of the hospital on my own feet. My mother’s eyes were filled with tears – she prays for everyone who made this possible for us.”

Your Zakat and Sadaqat to the Patients’ Behbud Society for AKUH provides such needy patients with a new life and their Duas will bring blessings to you in this life and the next!

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