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Patient Stories

Giving Back A Dream

​​​​Aqeel Sarwar did not have the faintest idea that a seemingly-normal fever would turn into one of the most testing trials of his life. When he went to a local consulting clinic to get a diagnosis on his condition, Aqeel learnt that he was suffering from Typhoid. He began his treatment at the local clinic, but as it happens all too often in a developing country like Pakistan, the case was mismanaged. Instead of bringing him respite, his 'treatment' made his disease more complicated and Aqeel's condition became much worse. He experienced a sudden weight loss and developed digestive disorders. His condition became so bad, that he had to stop his studies at his university where he is a scholarship. He is studying to become a doctor himself, one day.

A very generous benefactor brought Aqeel to the Aga Khan University Hospital. Here, the doctors evaluated him but when his family showed concerns about the treatment cost, they advised them to visit one of the several Patient Welfare Offices at AKUH. There, it was ascertained that Aqeel in fact, could benefit from Zakat through the Patients' Behbud Society (PBS) for AKUH, which collects Zakat and Sadaqat for patients who need financial support for treatment at AKUH.

With much speed, PBS for AKUH arranged for Aqeel's free-of-cost treatment at the Aga Khan University Hospital. A specialist doctor conducted his screening and prescribed the relevant tests and medication. With much help from the doctors and the nursing staff, Aqeel began to show signs of improvement. In a few weeks, his weight loss was halted and his vigour was restored. Within a month, Aqeel was feeling well enough to continue his studies. Aqeel feels grateful for the treatment he has received at the Aga Khan University Hospital, and for The Patients' Behbud Society for AKUH for making this all possible.

Aqeel is not the first person to experience pain, suffering, and worry caused by financial circumstances. There are many other families in dire need of compassionate care and high-quality treatment. The Aga Khan University Hospital provides world class healthcare to every patient regardless of their ability to pay, thanks in part to the valuable charity and donations to the Patients' Behbud Society for AKUH.

​Your donations in the form of zakat / sadaqat go a long way in bringing much respite in people's lives.
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