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Patient Stories

From hopeless to hopeful

​​​​It was an ordinary day in the life of Owais Shahjahan. He had gone out of his house to run some errands as usual. He was going about meeting and greeting not knowing that his day was about to change for the worse in matter of seconds. Owais met with an unfortunate accident. His family was devastated when news of his accident reached them. It was a bad accident. This is the story of Owais Shahjahan.​

One and a half year back Owais Shahjahan met with an accident in the Gulistan-e-Johar. His right arm and leg were broken on impact. He suffered great pain but expected to recover after being operated upon at a local hospital instead he developed an infection on his arm and leg. 
“We couldn’t see our brother in pain – he was losing hope. The pain was so debilitating that it was becoming impossible for him to walk even with support. He would fall down after just a few steps.” Explained Owais’s elder brother.

Owais’s family felt desperate, they didn’t know how to help their brother, until one day a kind soul saw their pain and suggested that they take Owais to Aga Khan University Hospital. “We didn’t have the means to get treatment at Aga Khan Hospital, but our despair made us put our faith in Allah and we went to the hospital.”
Owais was guided to Patients’ Behbud Society by Dr. Rizwan and they were accommodated in every possible way. “We received tremendous cooperation from PBS and the doctors and with all the help we were able to commence Owais’s treatment at Aga khan University Hospital.” Owais’s brother expressed with gratitude.

Owais had suffered bone loss due to the infection which caused a limp. Dr. Rizwan employed a cutting-edge technique which is practiced by only three specialized surgeons at Aga Khan. “Assisting me was Dr. Yasir who will now help in limb lengthening - a procedure required because of bone loss due to the infection. God willing, we will be able to make him walk on his two feet in 8-6 months.” Explained and assured Dr. Rizwan.

After the treatment there is a marked improvement in Owais and the lost smile is returning to his face. “I feel much better – I couldn’t walk before but now I feel 100% more hopeful,” said Owais encouragingly. 

Owais has transformed from a hopeless young man to a one more hopeful after his treatment at Aga Khan University Hospital. His story got rewritten because of the financial support, donation and zakat to the Patients’ Behbud Society for AKUH (PBS)

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