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Patient Stories

Shahzain's Journey

​​​​Shahzain, hailing from Thatta, was born one month premature and for the first three months of his life, remained extremely frail. Shahzain suffered from malnutrition and struggled with maintaining a healthy bodyweight. He was regularly in and out of the hospital but fortunately survived this fragile period and began growing and gaining weight at a healthy pace.

Eighteen months later, Shahzain was visiting his grandmother Nasima, who noticed that he was extremely lethargic and unable to sit up properly. She readily consulted a local doctor who prescribed Shahzain blood tests for malaria, iron-levels, as well as a complete blood count. Nasima knew that the most reliable tests were done at AKUH’s labs after her employer had taken her there to get her checkup, but she was worried about the cost of getting the tests done.

Upon reaching the lab, Nasima explained to the staff her family’s strained financial circumstances and was relieved to hear that they would be eligible for Zakat, which would significantly reduce the cost of the tests. Less than eight hours later, Nasima received a call from AKUH Laboratories informing her that Shahzain had malaria as well as a dangerously low haemoglobin count. The AKUH lab assistant also advised Nasima that Shahzain be treated immediately as his situation could quickly deteriorate.

The family rushed the little boy to the hospital where he was admitted and treated for five days. His situation improved significantly and he is now gaining weight again, and able to move around. Timely and accurate diagnostics helped Shahzain get access to quality healthcare when it mattered the most. The Zakat programme at AKUH laboratories helps many individuals, such as Shahzain, access reliable diagnoses and treatment.​

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