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We are an independent, charitable society responsible for collecting and disbursing zakat to mustehiq patients who visit the ​
Aga Khan University Hospital and its secondary hospitals​.​​​

 Quality Care

High quality treatment for many illnesses under one roof.

Shariah Certification

We received Shariah Certification based on a review of our processes by Shariah scholars.

Equal treatment

Paying and mustehiq patients are both treated with dignity.​​​​​

Rs 1.158 billion



Patient visits

​​General Zakat Fund​

​​Zakat is one of the five pillars of Islam. By donating your zakat to AKUH, you ensure th​at this zakat is used to treat the most underprivileged patients, many of whom require complex and comprehens...

Fill Up : 100000

Target : 200000

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Breast Cancer

​​​ Breast cancer is responsible for 30.8 per cent of all cancer related deaths among women in Pakistan and affects women of all socio-economic classes. At AKUH, women who are diagnosed with breast ca...

Fill Up : 100000

Target : 200000

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Hepatitis C

​​The national figures for Pakistan for the prevalence of Hepatitus B virus and Hepatitus C virus (HCV) are 2.5 % and 4.9 % respectively . With a population of 200 million, this translates to a health...

Fill Up : 100000

Target : 200000

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Restoring youth and vitality

​​​Seventeen year old Muhammad Siraj Chandio smiles and taps his foot nervously as he narrates his story. “Three years ago, when I was fourteen, I started getting a fever and felt very weak. I felt na...

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Filling hearts with hope

Babar smiles at the one year old baby crawling and babbling on the floor near him, and says “Can you imagine this mischievous little boy being so sick that he would cry all day and night long?” “Two m...

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Happily heading back to school

Thirteen-year-old Aisha smiles shyly while sitting between her parents. Her father narrates how in 2015, Aisha, then a fifth grader, started having a pain in her foot and began limping. She started ha...

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